With only 6days in Perth, Todd & I had 2 videos to shoot, a full magazine interview as well as a pro bike check for the latest issue of 2020.
So to say the least we were under pressure to make it all happen. We did it, with a huge amount of determination from Todd made it happen. Such a talented and focused rider. We did take a couple of days off for Todd to go to the beach and rest his body, but between all that we shot all the stuff we needed to and had an amazing week hanging out and filming, something i really need to do more with the riders i film.

Shot over a week in Perth his home town in Australia, Todd promised us a banging edit, and he genuinely busted his ass to deliver this one, to the point where he could hardly walk and needed a few ice baths at the end of it …

Producer: Urban Kreation
Film + Edit: Bret Trigg