3 of Australias Top BMX riders all in one session at the best indoorparks in Australia. FIST Handwears Todd Meyn, Matt Whyatt & Shanon Farrugia.

FIST Handwears newest recruit Todd Meyn, was over in Melbourne for a week riding and hanging out. Meyn, Whyatt & Farrugia were hit with some rain, so they headed indoors to have a session. Lucky we were on hand to capture all the madness that went down.

Farrugia took a heavy slam to the face on a 720 bar spin gone wrong, resulting in him sitting out a majority of the session.

Produced By FIST Handwear

Film + Edit = Bret Trigg

Track: And Everyone Else
Artist: PALACE
Album: Apology In Demand

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8neSEcJSp0&feature=youtu.be