Dylan Willsher Racing // A Formula 500 Racing Insight

A insight into Dylan Willsher, Australia’s fastest Formula 500 driver. From his beginnings in the sport to what’s running through his head whilst on the track. Shot during the 2015/2016 Speedweek.

Had heaps of fun shooting this piece, always good to shoot new action sports especially when you get to work with great athletes of that sport.

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Bilko & Boydy | Part III

Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams & Cheyne Boyd jumped in some heavy machinery, made some seriously big jumps then called upon me to spend a couple of days shooting Part 3 of their Bilko & Boydy web series. Had a whole lot of fun shooting this one! Although the weather wasn’t on our side, we still got some awesome footage for the video.

Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams / Park4MX / Monster Energy / Shift Racing Australia / Krusic’s Ride Park – Gippsland

Music courtesy of Satellites.

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Unit Clothing | Kyle Baldock shreds Melbourne

Had a blast producing this video of Kyle Baldock for Unit. Fresh content from one of the best! Shot over 2 days in some seriously hot Melbourne weather. Kyle is a blast to film with. Our first time shooting in quite sometime and the first time we’ve shot a video together on the Sony FS700.

Music courtesy of The Hundred Days.

‘The Beast’ by The Hundred Days is available now on iTunes. http://apple.co/1TPalc6

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Harley Heaven Dandenong | 2016 Model Launch Night

Highlights of the Harley Heaven Dandenong 2016 Launch Night. Live music & big crowds provided a successful night for the shops opening.

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M.A.D Motocross Riding Tips – Seat Bounce

Episode 4 of the M.A.D Motocross Riding Tips I produced. This Episode focus’s on the ‘Seat Bounce’. Peter Stevens Motorcycles / Moto-X Athlete Development / Ride Park

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Adam Monea tames Ride Park

Adam Monea was gifted a freshly ripped Ride Park all to himself for a video shoot with Unit. Here’s the outcome of what we got from the day.

Music courtesy of Bonfires.

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M.A.D Motocross Riding Tips – Rutted Corners

Episode 2 of the M.A.D Motocross Riding Tips I produced. This Episode focus’s on Rutted Corners. Peter Stevens Motorcycles / Moto-X Athlete Development / Ride Park

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South West Sport Club Development – Healthy Eating

Produced this video for South West Sport about the introduction of Healthy Eating into the Port Fairy Golf Club.

VicHealth / Port Fairy, Victoria

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Josh Callan – Stealth Electric Bikes

Video I produced of Josh Callan nailing around Park Orchards BMX track aboard his Stealth Electric Bikes.

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Tay & Duncan // Wedding Short

Tay & Duncan // Wedding Short I produced from their beautiful wedding in Warrnambool.

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