Wanting to know the full spec and part list behind the 34R BMX / TotalBMX machine of Australia’s Andrew Ahumada? All that is after the jump.

Frame: TotalBMX ‘Hangover’
Fork: TotalBMX Limelight Forks
Bars: TotalBMX World Piece Bars
Stem: 34R BMX Front Load
Grips: ODI Longneck
Bar ends: ODI
Headset: 34R BMX

Seat / Seatpost: TotalBMX Blackjack
Cranks: 34R BMX Orto 165mm
Sprocket: 34R BMX Otro 28th
Pedals: 34R BMX
Chain: Mission Half Link

Brakes: 34R BMX Clito
Cable: 34R BMX Clito Cable
Brake Lever: 34R BMX Clito
Detangler: 34R BMX

Front Tire: KHE Park
Front Wheel: 34R BMX titanium spokes, Profile Mini hub, with a Alienation Deviant Rim / Flybikes Classic Front Rim.
Rear Tire: KHE Park
Rear Wheel: 34R BMX titanium spokes, Profile Mini right hand drive cassette, on an Revenge rim.

Photos: Bret Trigg

34R BMX Avaiable in Australia through Lusty Industries. facebook.com/we.are.lusty

TotalBMX Available in Australia through Kickass BMX. kickassbmx.com