28.9.14 Out Shooting

Spent the weekend filming with Dylan Long. We shot a quick SX video before the upcoming season. I head to America in just over a week so Dylan and I caught up and shot something. We have much much bigger things in the works for a Jet Pilot video

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20.9.14 Out Shooting

Was along at the M.A.D SPTC Open Day today to film an opening day video of the days events.

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19.9.14 Out Shooting

The past couple of days I’ve been on the #FOXDOESGC Tour with the Fox Australia BMX team. Shooting a clip from the tour. It’s been awesome weather and all the boys have been throwing down. The FS700 getting put to test over the couple of days capturing some epic shots. Here Todd Meyn Mid Flair Tuck at Albany Creek.

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Kyle Baldock's Insight | Episode 3

Episode 3 of Kyle Baldock Offical fan page‘s Insight series I produced just went live. Kyle teaches David Pinelli How to Backflip to Fakie.

Music courtesy of Dream Catcher

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12.9.14 Out Shooting

Spent the weekend shooting at Sandown Raceway. I was shooting for the V8 Life TV Show produced by AME Management.

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6.9.14 Out Shooting

Today was spent filming at the AORC in Heathcote, Victoria for MXTV today.

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Welcome to Fox // Taylor Ramsdale

Welcome to Fox Head AustraliaTaylor Ramsdale video I produced.

Video shot in Melbourne 100% with the Sony FS700.

Music courtesy of Say Please. Young Warrnambool band producing some awesome music!

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2.8.14 Out Shooting

Today’s office was Winton Raceway filming for Bosch with their V8 Supercar sponsored driver Tim Slade.

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29.8.14 Out Shooting

Finishing off the filming of Taylor Ramsdale’s Fox Head Australia web video today.

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