24.8.14 Out Shooting

Image I shot of Kid Ink last night @ The HiFi whilst shooting for Ethika.

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22.8.14 Out Shooting

Spent the day shooting with Cam Sinclair at the Carlton Dry Experience held at Park4MX.

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15.8.14 Out Shooting

Spent today out in the sun shooting Taylor Ramsdale for a Fox Head Australia video we’ve been working on.

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Model Essentials: Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes video I shot at Model Essentials latest shoot.

Thanks to Becky Lamb for the opportunity!

P | Nick Dale
M | Natalia K & Elena K
H | Lizzie Liros
MU | Melissa Sassine
S | Sofia Says Styling

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14.8.14 Out Shooting

The FS700 out today to shoot a presentation on Pistachio Nuts in Swan Hill.

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8.8.14 Out Shooting

Behind the scenes photo of me filming with Taylor Ramsdale for Fox Head Australia today. Loving the Sony Australia FS700. Thanks to Video Craft for getting me sorted with one before my one comes in.

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Fox MX15 Dealer & Media Launch | Australia

Fox Racing / Shift Racing Australia MX15 Launch video I produced from the Australia launches in Sydney & Melbourne.

Featuring Jeff EmigCam (sincs) SinclairBlake ‘Bilko’ Williams, Cheyne Boyd & Dylan Long.

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4.5.14 Out Shooting

Shoot a short commercial with Prime Creative Media for Bulk Transport Equipment’s new turning technology.

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FIST Handwear's #FISTARMY Welcomes Robbie Maddison

February this year I had the opportunity to shoot with one of the most iconic Action Sports Atheltes ever, Robbie Maddison in Wollongong, Australia.

The project was kept on luck down from the public. Fast forward to August 1st this year, it’s now public.

Maddo is now apart of the Fist Handwear #FISTARMY. This is his Welcome video I produced.

Aerial footage: Heckler Hq
Music: STRUNG OUT – No Voice of Mine
Photography: Mark Watson / Incite Images

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