14.1.13 Out Shooting

Out Shooting with Andrew Ahumada for a Video Bike Check in Warrnambool today.

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9.1.13 Out Shooting

Shot a Vital BMX Power Hour with Todd Meyn at the GC Compound on my last night in Queensland.

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8.1.13 Out Shooting

Shot with Kyle Baldock and Logan Martin for the ‘Training for the Olympics II.’ To say the least, things happened i didn’t even know they could do. Video will blow minds..

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7.1.12 Out Shooting

07.1.13 Out Shooting with Chance Brejnakowski for a little HiTcHUK Video. HiTcH (Official)

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4.1.13 Photo Friday

Photo Firday with Matt Whyatt. Photo: Whiplash in Warragul.

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Photo: Whyatt Warragul

I shot this photo of Matt Whyatt whilst we were filming for a new project in Warragul the other day.

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