30.11.12 Out Shooting

Out Shooting with Knox Dave for Fox Head Australia this afternoon.

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30.11.12 Photo Friday

Photo Friday with Kale Makeham. Photo: In action with the #1 plate. 

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FOX Head Australia presents | Kale Makeham | The 2012 U19 Australian Supercross Champion

Being able to work on this project was awesome. it was something completely different to what i normally work on. It was refreshing and it had an awesome story behind it.

Fox Head Australia catches up with the recently crowned 2012 Australian U19 Supercross Champion, Kale Makeham.

Coming into 2012, Kale Makeham was relatively unknown on the Australian MX circuit but that didn’t last or long as he jumped into the spotlight throughout the Motocross season and then onto winning his first Australian Supercross Championship.

In this video, Kale talks about where he has come from and where he plans on going.

http://www.facebook.com/foxheadaustralia // Twitter @foxheadaustralia

Filmed & Edited by Bret Trigg.

Additional Footage.
Kurt Teague, Lachlan Russell

Kam Williams

Track: Truth Between Liars
Artist: I Dream Of Genre

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26.11.12 Out Shooting

Out Shooting with Kale Makeham for Fox Head Australia. Recapping Kales stand out year in the MX Nationals and Australian Supercross Championships, which he claimed the ASX U19 Championship.

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Zacahrya Dangerfield for Impurity Bike Co.

I did the motion graphics for Zacahryas Impurity Bike edit. Super cool riding in this video. Check it out.

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Superbike Editing Job.

I got the call up to help edit up series wrap up videos from the Australian Superbike Championship for the presentation dinner. Sifting through a full series of racing to break down into a 3minute scripted voice over. Something very different then my usual editing.

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Shift does Newcastle // Round 4 of the Australian Supercross Championship ft Chad Reed.

The final round of the 2012 Terex Australian Supercross Championship hit the central coast town of Newcastle on the 17th of November. With Newcastle being the hometown of AMA Supercross Champion Chad Reed, this was always going to be the highlight round of the series. Check it out as SHIFT goes behind the scenes with Chad Reed along with the other SHIFT riders Cheyne Boyd, Tye Simmonds & Dylan Long.

For more information on SHIFT MX Australia, visit www.facebook.com/shiftracingaustralia

Filmed & Edited by Bret Trigg.

Track: Until Today
Artist: DL
Album: Walk With Me: The Demonstration

Twitter: @crtwotwo, @cheyneboyd2, @dlong117, @simmonds942,

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Chad Reed 'My Way' Australian Episode

Late last week I was approached from Godfrey Entertainment in regards to filming a ‘My Way’ episode at Newcastle with Chad Reed. ‘My Way’ is Chad’s YouTube series and also the name of his biography. It was an honour to be able to film with Chad during the Shift MX does series and to have the chance to shoot for his own series was a real accomplishment.

Here is an earlier episode of ‘My Way’ – http://youtu.be/wgPgX8eBHHg

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17.11.12 Out Shooting

Out Shooting at the final round of the Australian Supercross Championship. Shift MX Does Newcastle coming early next week.

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FIST Handwear // Vans | Checking In with Andrew Ahumada

FIST Handwear // Vans Australia BMX rider Andrew Ahumada sat down with us and gave us the run down on what he’s been up to the past year, about his trip to Europe, getting his first tattoo and about the up coming Nitro Circus Live European Tour he is headed off to ride in this week.
Produced By FIST Handwear // Vans Australia

Film + Edit = Bret Trigg Visual / Bret Trigg

Additional Footage:
Chris Wilmshurst
David Lorenz

Music: Outline in Color
Song: The Good in Me (acoustic) off “Jury of Wolves” – Available now
Band: www.facebook.com/outlineincolor
Website: www.juryofwolves.com / www.thearteryfoundation.com/artists/outlineincolor

Andrew Ahumada // http://www.facebook.com/andrewminiahumada
Twitter // @andrewahumada // Instagram // @andrewminiahumada

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