Moto-X Athlete Development // 2012 Junior Aussies Preparation Camp

Last week I headed out to Rosebud with the Moto-X Athlete Development boys whilst they got some training in for the Junior Aussies in a couple of weeks.

Footage from the Moto-X Athlete Development (M.A.D) 2012 Junior Aussies preparation camp at Rosebud MX track, Victoria

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Photo: Andrew Ahumada

Saturday Andrew Ahumada and I were out riding. Here’s a photo i shot of him.

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07.09.12 Out Shooting

Shot a game of FIST with Andrew (mini) ahumada bmx and Matt Whyatt this afternoon for Fist Handwear.

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07.09.12 Photo Friday

Photo Friday with Jay Wilson @ Coolum.

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05.08.12 Out Shooting

Out Shooting with the Moto – X Athlete Development guys and Jack Simpson out @ Rosebud, Victoria yesterday.

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04.09.12 Out Shooting

Headed Out Shooting with Matt Whyatt for a new DC Shoes Video today.

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1.09.12 Out Shooting

Andrew and I had access to a private session tonight after hours at Rampfest, so we made the most of it and shot a Vital BMX Power Hour.

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