30.03.12 Photo Friday

Photo Friday with Kyle Baldock. Photo: 3 Invert South Kensington, Melbourne

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Happy Birthday Baldock

Happy 21st birthday goes out to Kyle Baldock! Have a good day buddie.

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Kyle Baldock Twitter 10

Kyle Baldock sits down and answers 10 questions from his followers on Twitter. Stack of riding clips throughout the video too.

Produced by VitalBMX

Film + Edit = Bret Trigg

VitalBMX: http://www.vitalbmx.com/videos/features/Kyle-Baldock-Twitter-10,36710/Bret-Trigg,2979

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23.03.12 Photo Friday

Photo Friday with Fist Handwears Andrew Ahumada. Photo: Casual downwhip air @ height!

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15.03.12 Out Shooting

Thursday 15th of March Kyle Baldock arrived into Melbourne for 7 days to shoot some clips for his Total BMX web video. Kyle hit me up the week before to say he wanted me to shoot it for him. I was super pumped that Kyle had chosen me out of all the other filmers getting around Australia nowadays. The past 7 days have been awesome, going out and filming with Ahumada & Baldock everyday, super relaxed vibe and it made for an awesome atmosphere. They both smashed out some big bangers. I’ll be heading up to Queensland to meet up with Kyle and Andrew to film some more stuff in the coming weeks. Very excited. This video’s going to be a banger!

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Kyle Baldock On Total BMX

I’ve known this for a while now, but i’m still super pumped that Kyle is on Total BMX, along side Andrew Ahumada! Check the Press Release below.

After much speculation I feel it is time to announce that Kyle Baldock will be joining the TotalBMX team.

The whole team is stoked on this signing and we cant wait to watch him riding for the brand at all the major events this summertime.

I can personally say that I am very stoked to have Kyle onboard and feel he is the icing on the cake for us, our team has always been great but now it really has got incredible and we couldn’t be more happy with the guys we have representing the brand.

It seems that each of our riders has the ability to come up with new things, and push boundaries on a bike and this is why Kyle is a perfect fit.

Kyle is currently filming for a new Total BMX edit which promises to be something special and we look forward to seeing yet another amazing edit from one of our riders.

Kyle welcome to the team, lets ride!” 

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16.03.12 Photo Friday

Photo Friday with Enough Threads team rider Sam Fitzgibbon. Photo: Backyard 10ft hand plant.

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09.03.12 Photo Friday

Photo Friday with Kink BMXs Dave McComb. Photo: Dip 3 Lilydale Spine

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Caley & Trevor Moloney Wedding DVD

Today I had the pleasure of handing over Caley & Trevors Wedding DVD over to them. Everything ran smoothly and I’m very happy with the product I produced for them. Huge thanks to Kurt Teague Visual who was 2nd Cinematographer on the day.

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04.03.12 Out Shooting

Last week I headed up to Melbourne to shoot Dave McComb‘s KinkBMX / ECI Imports video. We weren’t greeted with the best weather, but fortunately Melbourne has quite a few indoor parks which we took full advantage of. We also headed outdoors to South K and Lilydale to shoot some clips. Dave really put in some big tricks for this video. I’m stoked on how it all went down and look forward to getting the video out! I will keep you guys posted.

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