Filming For Enough Threads Team Video

The weather was awesome today, so I packed the camera up and went and did some self filming for my Enough Threads team video. I got a couple of good clips before i called it a day and went for a swim at the beach. Photo: Downwhip over the hip.

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FIST Handwear | Meyn, Whyatt & Farrugia Session

3 of Australias Top BMX riders all in one session at the best indoorparks in Australia. FIST Handwears Todd Meyn, Matt Whyatt & Shanon Farrugia.

FIST Handwears newest recruit Todd Meyn, was over in Melbourne for a week riding and hanging out. Meyn, Whyatt & Farrugia were hit with some rain, so they headed indoors to have a session. Lucky we were on hand to capture all the madness that went down.

Farrugia took a heavy slam to the face on a 720 bar spin gone wrong, resulting in him sitting out a majority of the session.

Produced By FIST Handwear

Film + Edit = Bret Trigg

Track: And Everyone Else
Artist: PALACE
Album: Apology In Demand


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18.02.12 Photography

I shot this photo of North Shores, Ash Murphy on Saturday down in Warrnambool. Kid goes so high in that mini ramp! Huge tuck air!

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17.02.12 Out Shooting

Todd Meyn called me up Wednesday night to say he was interested in filming a 3 way edit with himself, Matt Whyatt & Shanon Farrugia whilst he was in Melbourne for a week. I jumped onto a train Friday morning and headed off to film something with 3 of Australias best up and coming riders. Due to Melbourne’s un eventful weather, the boys and I were forced to head to Rampfest to film. Lucky enough the boys really threw down some big moves in one session. Shanon Farrugia took a hard slame to the face on a 720 Bar Spin. Other then that minor incident it was a succesful session, a bunch of big moves were thrown down.

Check back for the FIST Handwear – Meyn/Whyatt/Farrugia video coming soon!

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16.02.12 Out Shooting

With the weather being quite nice a little overcast but no wind in sight, Jake Arndell and I set out to get some clips filmed for his VitalBMX video we’ve been working on. We headed over to Port Fairy to hopefully shoot some clips, we didn’t get to shoot the ones we had in mind but we got another couple of banging clips that Jake is stoked on.

The edit really is coming together nicely. With a lot of big moves, this edit is definitely going to put Jake Arndell on the radar!

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FIST Handwear / Hart&Huntington Out Riding with Matty Lewis

Australia Day 2012 for me was spent out shooting this clip with FMX maddog Matty Lewis. Matty is apart of the elite Nitro Circus family and is well hell of a nice guy. We actually tried shooting a video last summer when Jarry McNeil was in town, unfortunately that day the weather gods won and we couldn’t do any filming due to rain. So a year later, on Australia Day 2012 we made a video possible. It was super windy which limited Mattys riding but he still pushed through and nailed some big tricks.. All on his ramp set-up in his front yard..

Matty Lewis rides at his home compound in Whittlesea in Victoria, on a windy Australia day. After a quiet 2011 Matty is ready to turn it on for 2012!

Produced By FIST Handwear 

Film + Edit = Bret Trigg 

YouTube:    –

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10.02.12 Out Shooting

Friday the 10th of February Sam Fitzgibbon, Jake Arndell and I headed up to Melbourne to ride and shoot some clips for Jakes VitalBMX video we’ve been working on for a few months. Jake got a couple of banging clips, one in which i think he’s the first person to do it at Rampfest.Dave McComb even pulled out a 900 air for my cameras.

Dave and I will be shooting a KinkBikeco / ECI Imports video within the next couple of weeks. Going off the 9 air he pulled Friday night, it’s going to be banging edit of Dave.

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04.02.11 Out shooting

Saturday the 4th of February, Kurt Teague and I teamed up to shoot Caley & Trav’s wedding in Warrnambool. The ceremony being held at The Bluehole & the reception at the Warrnambool Surf Club. The sun was shining and a lovely day was had. Caley & Trev’s Wedding Trailer coming soon. Photo: Kurt Teague

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EnoughThreads Update / 25% Off Sale

Check out my rider update I did for my clothing sponsor Enough Threads, here. They’re also having a sale at the moment. 25% off everything, but it has to be ordered from the online store. So go by yourself some rad clothing for a cheap price, head over to their online store.

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