26.01.12 Out Shooting

Australia Day 2012 for me was spent out in Whittlesea, Victoria. I was out shooting a new clip of Matty Lewis for Fist Handwear. It was hot, windy and rather dusty but Matty pushed through and pulled out some really good riding. Video coming soon! Photo courtesy of Sam Moore.

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Adam Stone VitalBMX Video

Adam and I shot this over a couple of days in Melbourne late last year. VitalBMX has just recently released it online.

Are you familiar with Australian shredder Adam Stone? If not, get familiar. This dude has all sorts of hot moves – including bunnyhop decades – and throws a bunch of them down in this bangin’ edit. Enjoy!

Produced by VitalBMX

Film + Edit= Bret Trigg

Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/34938128
VitalBMX: http://www.vitalbmx.com/videos/features/Adam-Stone-ft-Luke-Vandenberg,34945/Bret-Trigg,2979

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24.02.12 Photo Friday

It’s Friday.viagra So enjoy a photo. Stylish nac air by Ash Murphy. Once again blasting Warrnambools mini ramp!

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ImpurityBikes Steve Van Ginneken @ Lachies Trick Jump.

This has been waiting to be released for quite sometime. It’s part of ImpurityBikes Mirrage V2 frame release. So now go get yourself one awesome frame!

Steve Van Ginneken throws down some big moves over a couple of dirt tricks jumps @ Latchie Roycrofts house. All with a smooth flowing style! Steve was riding a prototype version of Impurity Bike’s Mirrage V2 frame. The Mirrage V2 will be available for sale from February 2012.

Produced By Impurity Bikes 

Film + Edit = Bret Trigg – Additional Footage = Renald Mcqueen

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO1KyOzF3d8
Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/35408412


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Crooked World 2 W/ Andrew Ahumada

This afternoon, I was on my way home from having a ride. My phone rings, it’s Andrew Ahumada. He goes on to tell me that his videos on YouTube, kids are telling him, sick edit. We both didn’t have any clue how it got online, turns out the TV show posted it online. So luckily for those kids Andrew and I found out early enough to show you people first. Andrew is riding so well this year, it will be obvious once you watch this new video. So go on, press play and check out what Andrew and I got filmed in 4 days around Melbourne.

Andrew Ahumada lives up to his reputation, sending banger after combo-banger in this episode of Heat, filmed with an Australian accent, filmed in Melbourne’s Rampfest indoor skatepark, Hill ‘n’ Dale, Northcote, and Hoppers Crossing. The 21-year old Ahumada keeps on his massive path of park progression.

Producer = NetworkA

Film + Edit = Bret Trigg


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Chris Hughes Video In top 3 of 2011

I just heard word that the Mirraco Must See video that with Chris Hughes whilst in Greenville, North Carolina this year made the Top 3 videos of 2011 on VitalBMX. Chris’s video racked up over 70K views and well over 6K Facebook shares. Chris’s riding is on another level so there’s no doubt why it’s in the Top 3.

Check out Chris’s fan page here.

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Fist Handwear | Danny Campbell ft Andrew Ahumada

Last week Danny was in Melbourne doing some riding and hanging out with friends. I met up with Danny Campbell, Sam Moore and Andrew Ahumada to get some footage shot for a new little clip of Danny for FIST Handwear. This here, is the result.

FIST Welcomes Danny Campbell to the team. Shot in one day around Melbourne and lastly at indoor park RAMPFEST. This is the maddog from Sydney’s first edit for his new glove sponsor.

Produced By FIST Handwear

Film + Edit = Bret Trigg


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05.01.12 out shooting

After shooting with Danny Campbell for FIST Handwear on the 4th of Jan, I stayed down in Melbourne for an extra 3days to film with Andrew Ahumada. It had be quite a while since I had hung out with Andrew. He’s a really good friend of mine so it was good to be able to see him again. Something i’ll make sure we do more of on a regular basis.
Filming this time was quite special, it wasn’t for a web project. It was the real deal, we were filming for television show directed by Justin Kosman over in America. Justin held The Hunt BMX video contest this year. Which I was apart of, where i filmed a video part with Australia’s Kyle Baldock. We placed 5th in the competition, being the only Australians in the comp it was a huge achievement which i’m grateful of to have had the opportunity. Justin contacted me asking for me to shoot a fresh new video with some Australian talent, Andrew Ahumada was my first choice.
We shot it all in 3 days, around a few different parks in Melbourne. Andrew really is on point with his riding at the moment. The things he pulled out for this edit is something even I was surprised of. I really do look forward to seeing Andrew ride the competition season this year and I wish him nothing but luck and best wishes. Good luck mate!
As for the name of the television show, I have no idea myself. Nothing is public yet, so once the name comes public to me i sure will pass it onto you guys.

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Todd meyn 2020 Issue #42 Interview

Whilst I was over in Perth shooting Todd Meyn‘s Video Bike Check & Urban Kreation Video, we also shot a full interview for issue #42 of 2020BMX Magazine. It was the first time I had ‘properly’ shot photos, so it was quite a learning curve for me. It really was a lot of fun and I look forward to shooting more photos of the riders I film with in the not to distant future. So to grab yourself a copy, head on down to your local news agency or BMX store near you and pick up a copy. I hope you enjoy the interview and photos. Check out a preview of the issue here.

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04.01.12 Out Shooting

FIST Handwears Danny Campbell flew down from his hometown of Sydney, to Melbourne for a week to hang out and ride. FIST wanted me to shoot a little clip of Danny whilst he was down here. It wasn’t my first time hanging out with Danny, I first met him whilst riding at Rampfest on the weekend of the 2009 BMX Games. Danny isn’t afraid to go big, and when i knew i was to film with him i expected nothing less then big. That’s exactly what Danny did. He threw down some huge box jump tricks at Hill N Dale and then proceeded to bring new and innovative box jump tricks at Rampfest. All in all, Danny really did do a lot of crazy box jump tricks for the video, all shot in one day around Melbourne. Video coming soon.

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