Todd Meyn Urban Kreation Video

With only 6days in Perth, Todd & I had 2 videos to shoot, a full magazine interview as well as a pro bike check for the latest issue of 2020.
So to say the least we were under pressure to make it all happen. We did it, with a huge amount of determination from Todd made it happen. Such a talented and focused rider. We did take a couple of days off for Todd to go to the beach and rest his body, but between all that we shot all the stuff we needed to and had an amazing week hanging out and filming, something i really need to do more with the riders i film.

Shot over a week in Perth his home town in Australia, Todd promised us a banging edit, and he genuinely busted his ass to deliver this one, to the point where he could hardly walk and needed a few ice baths at the end of it …

Producer: Urban Kreation
Film + Edit: Bret Trigg

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TotalBMX Todd Meyn Video Bike Check

At the start of January i was lucky enough to head over to Perth for 6days too shoot some videos & photos with Todd Meyn.

Here is the video bike check i shot for TotalBMX. Todd built up his new ride just as i arrived into Perth, we headed down to Cottesloe beach and shot this video.

We recently caught up with our TotalBMX Australian shredder Todd Meyn to get a bike check done. Todd then heads to a couple of his local parks in Perth and shows what his new bike is capable of.

Produced By TotalBMX Brand 

Film + Edit = Bret Trigg



Check out the latest 2020 BMX Magazine dropping January 2012 for a Pro bike check I shot of  Todd’s bike.

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I'm now online

Welcome to my portfolio site.

After a good couple of months working with James Wade on the site we are now able to have it online. James made everything i wanted happen in this site. It’s come out just how i imagined it would, actually better. Because James Wade is the boss! Huge thanks to him for the hard work he put in.

Basically here i’ll be constantly updating it with latest videos, new projects, random trip photos and a lot of other things.

No doubt you have been following what i’ve been up to via the Facebook page, but if you’re new to Bret Trigg Visual. Let me give you a quick run down. June 20th i set off to America for a month long BMX / Filming trip with my two mates Sam Fitzgibbon & Jaxon O’Toole. In the month i was in America i shoot with X-Games FMX Medalist Jarryd McNeil in California & Australias BMX pro’s in Greenville, NC. I met so many amazing people on my trip especially in Greenville. I was able to ride and film at Dave Mirras own private warehouse the ‘Animal House.’ Over the two weeks i spent in Greenville i had an amazing time. Everyday we spent hanging out with all the crew in town, was really fun. During that two weeks i filmed a lot. I shot a Mirraco Must See & a Video Bike Check with Chris Hughes, a UnitClothing Feature video with Andrew Ahumada, Fist Handwear x Impuritybike Matt Whyatt Collab, Ryan Guettler Interview for ColonyBMX  and the biggest one was filming The Hunt BMX section with Kyle Baldock. Check out the trailer here. Since then the competition has been drawn and Kyle and I were lucky enough to make it onto the Top 10 for the DVD where we placed 5th. After spending a month in America July 20th we headed to LAX Airport and bordered our flight home to Australia.

After returning to Australia and not getting Jet lagged i then set into editing everything that i filmed in the U.S.A. Eventually i had everything edited up and released over the first month of being back. As i just got back to Warrnambool our local skatepark was getting the extension finally put on. Construction started just a couple of days before i arrived home. I had thought of doing a documentary on the whole re-development whilst i was in America. Straight away day by day i started filming footage of the park slowly progressing. Then i conducted interviews with the local riders who had been a huge part of the re-development. Finally after about 2-3months of filming everything from interviews, construction footage, town shots & riding clips of the locals my first documentary ‘Local Knowledge’ was finished and online. I put it in the Port Fairy Film Festival in which it got a great amount of positive feedback.

With the completion of ‘Local Knowledge’ i was able to just chill and have a break for a bit. Before i left for America i shot a promo clip for my mates company Enough Threads. I am now apart of the Enough Threads BMX team. The brand is fast making a name for itself, which is awesome to see my close friend Pat Robinson making good use of his amazing artistic talents. Check out the Winter Collection Promo and then check out the Enough Threads shop and buy some fresh clothes from their Summer Range.

So that’s it for now. Just an update on what i’ve been doing for the past 6months. Bookmark this site and check back frequently for more updates and the latest videos i’ve been working on.


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